segunda-feira, 25 de junho de 2012


Fear is the cause of most of the damages and suffering thrown upon humanity.
What is fear then?
Fear, my friend, is in short a negative thought that oppresses people who lack the real Knowledge of LIFE.
Have you realized that many people are so distrusted from one another, as if their similar could destroy them at any moment, with a kind of superiority that would subjugate them without any reason at all?
You see nobody is better than anybody! The damages we suffer are not caused by our similar, however, because of the lack of the real life knowledge of dealing with people in the right way.
We are all on the same boat, powerless and submissive to Nature. This same Nature can put a Volcano into eruption, submitting the safety of a city to nothing and spreading epidemics throughout the world in a matter of seconds. This same Nature has generated and sustained 7 billion people, but not only that, the whole animal, vegetable and mineral Kingdom is under her ruling.
Nature holds the power of creation and destruction.
Nature can see everyone inside and outside.
Nature has the right judgment over each being, providing each one what he or she deserves.
And why does Nature have all this Power?
Because Nature is GOD.
Now you ask me: what does all that have to do with Fear?
Very simple: Fear is a feeling created by the void of the real knowledge inside of us. The Lack of Nature's Knowledge of Life brings Insecurity and Fear.
Devoid from Nature's Knowledge of Life, we have nothing, for Nature is the LIFE, that is the OWNER OF ALL LIVES.
The person is born, then he lives and learns how to move around, work, has fun, procreates; however he has no clue that Nature provides all that. To accomplish all that development in Man, Nature has manipulated powerful invisible forces from the invisible Realms and their hierarchies. Despite all its varieties, Nature never fails or is unjust so great is her power!
Nobody is really aware of the Nature's Providence to keep in motion the principle of Creation, Birth, Growth, Development, Evolution and Transformation, which is Death.
Everything happens in the invisible Field and, then it is projected to the visible world. The material effects is reflected on the invisible World.
Mother Nature never stops, for all the Realms are integrated to her in the same way. She never takes a break, she works day and night.
Even to make it possible for us to sleep, Nature puts all Realms at work to assure all the functions of the human body.
My friend, once we acquire the Knowledge of all this Reality, we will reach the conclusion of our uselessness in the material life. We will feel ashamed of our position of parasites that sucks all that Nature offers us, but never give her anything in exchange. We do nothing, only Nature does!
All we have offered Nature so far has been disrespect and despise. And it has been for millions of years. We are all here without knowing who we are and what Nature really is.
Once we become aware of that, we will ascend to the sacred brotherhood of the Reasoning. The Thought is the polishing invisible being, who has been working intensively to open our eyes to the Truth and make us detach from the matter. It will finally be retired.
Therefore, the sight of the real Light will bring us together to one being. We will lose our fears, for the divine and unconditional love will unite all races and colors, the visible with the invisible.
By the way, the institutions will change from the diversity to the unity, because all their Functions are just one, keeping and developing the sole Nation which the World will become, since, at this point in time, everyone will compose one Race, the Rational Race.
Fear will be vanquished by the Rational Feeling of Unit, which benefits us with Nature's Power that can only provide Life and Happiness. Thus there will be no need for polishing and dilapidation, which are intrinsic to the Suffering. Imagine such amazing power, like a Hurricane, producing only Peace and Love instead of destruction.
The will be no use for Evil in the World.
Our invisible brothers and sisters who were engaged in the mission of transmitting evil will be released from the arduous mission of dilapidating and polishing humanity. They are much more dilapidated than us; their Suffering is absurd!
The Wisdom will be common to everyone; what one knows, everyone will know too. What one feels everyone will feel too.
The name to that is REASONING!
The prospects for this life is nearer than you can imagine. They depend only on the Rational Development through the studies of Rational Culture; the Rational Culture can only be attained in the RATIONAL CULTURE BOOKS.
Only this Knowledge can soften Nature's Rage against humanity who knows nothing of her Culture – The Rational Culture. Nature can't stand the abuse of her children any longer, and the Key to solve that is persisting on her Culture – The Rational Culture.
It is mandatory that we spread the News that such a Culture already exists in the World.
This Culture represents our Union with the Reasoning! Let's help with the Sparing of so many cities that are doomed to destruction!
Only those who have felt the Power of the RATIONAL CULTURE can tell how important it is to the World right now.
Our Union with Nature can only be provided by the MOTHER OF ALL LIVES: NATURE! We can only unite to her through the DEVELOPMENT OF THE REASONING IN THE PINEAL GLAND.
The new values standards are already on Earth, and Nature has defined them as the basis of the New World. HUMANITY'S TRUE SALVATION!
Look for it while it is time!
I love you all!

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