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terça-feira, 14 de julho de 2015


Friends, SAVE!

UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT. Universe, the union of everyone. Disenchantment, each one coming out of his corner, of his apparent role, to commit to one identity only, basic, where everyone assemble, for valuing the identical essence in each one, the true identity, RATIONAL.
Therefore, the union is in the disenchantment.
Then, who has already understood the meaning of Universe in Disenchantment, has come to the conclusion that only through thedisenchantment there will be humanity’s true union.
Yes, for our animal part is where our differences are found, the thoughts. And RATIONAL is where our absolutely equal part is, the REASONING, our identity – it is where we are IDENTICALS.
And who already knows what UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT is, a transcendental scripture that tells us about our IDENTITY, about our RATIONAL part, soon wants to know that identical part, RATIONAL, in order to KNOW ONESELF and put an end to the differences that generate the misunderstandings, the incomprehension, the fights, the wars and the sufferings that have always been life’s greatest brilliant and of the body of the whole humanity.
But while the living creatures do not know what Universe in Disenchantment means, they do not have the slightest want to KNOW ONESELF, thinking that they already know, keeping each one their different viewpoints, each one thinking differently, and where everyone thinks differently one from the other, there is no possibility for union: true fraternity, true peace, true love, concord among everyone universally.
If one does not agree with the other, for each one staying in their corner, animosities are created, groups are created, and ideologies are created, of one against the other. The differences tend to multiply themselves and the enemies also.
And thus, at the time of the judgments, when transposing from one life to the other, the enemies present themselves to collect the discordance – the living creature becomes hindered to ascend to superior dimensions, for he owes being  friends of those who he made enemies. The living creature passed through life and did not immunize himself of the differences.
Whereas the one who cultivated friends, immunized himself of the demands, freed himself of the demands for only making friends while passing through the insignificant years of life in this life of matter.
Upon studying Universe in Disenchantment, the person, in life, immunizes himself of the enemies, Rationally, in other words, acquires the superior  common sense that makes him behave as a friend of everyone, freeing his way of obstacles, freeing him to ascend.
For that reason, it is required that the person knows what is UNIVERSE IN DISENCHNTMENT, for then, want to KNOW ONESELF, and upon KNOWING ONESELF, learn how to live as a RATIONALLY IMMUNIZED, without enemies, without embargoes in his life.
Happiest of the happiest ones, is the one that learns and knows what UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT is.

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