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quarta-feira, 6 de janeiro de 2016

FEAR X CAUTION  (Click in the link to hear the audio)

(James de Lima, Rational Culture Student, Bahia – Brazil)

Caution and fear are the two sides of the same coin.
Both are there to keep the survival of man, although they are completely different. With caution, we know that we are aware and conscious that we are preserving our lives; however if we have fear, we are blind and relying only on our imagination.
The problem with fear is that we may run away from what is there for our salvation!
The benefits of cautiousness is, among others, the guarantee that we can preserve ourselves from the real evil. By being cautious we approach what can ensure our survival and, most importantly, our transcendence!
Transcending is to get RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION; it is to bring on the real goodness, the eternal and the sheer harmonization with everything and everyone. From unconsciousness comes the fear and from consciousness comes cautiousness.
The reading of this book will awaken your consciousness. It will awaken your consciousness while your unconsciousness will vanish. What makes you feel fearful vanishes, and only your sense of cautiousness will remain.
Therefore we urge you to read the book: “UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT.
Hail to all of you!

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