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quinta-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2016


(By Gilberto Carnasciali, a student of Rational Culture, Miguel Pereira, RJ)

Life is the most precious thing that you do not have. It belongs to me, Nature, and granted to you to live there in the matter without any commitment on my part, except for generating, conceiving, creating, maintaining you and sheltering your mortal remains after your transformations.
Since life does not belong to you, you as a human being uses it as something strange to you, as a life saving vest worn at birth and divested when you die. Surely it does not save anything and anyone, for down there in the matter there are no guaranties whatsoever.
Like any valued thing delivered by someone in trust to you, it is your duty as a trustee, to keep it fondly and with zeal , caring for it until the moment of its restitution, in perfect condition.
In perfect condition? How in perfect condition if it is made of matter, you would say.
Life is the most precious and most imperfect thing that exists down there in the matter. And that is the only cause of humanity’s suffering, for everything there is formed and deformed, transformed and multiplied, in a succession of generative changes that inexorably will lead to its extinction, the best one cares for it.
And worse still; that life was given to you with the very important duty of your being its guardian, but you were not told how to do it. And that terrible heritage, the ignorance, you have been towing through the eternities, without any explanation that could clarify the why of that life.
A torture, an injustice?
Surely, that is what you think, for you still think and thinking thus you say: “I live this entire life taking care of it as I possibly can, treating it as if it were a flower in a garden and as time goes by or unexpectedly, all of a sudden, it fades away and it is gone. Am I guilty of that”?
And I say to you: “For sure you are, but you do not know, for you ignore everything that is passing and has already passed”.
For example, you do not know the cause of the suffering that ill-treats you permanently; you do not know why you have to learn everything and in the end you ignore everything; you do not understand how the gears of the machine of life work; the why it exists, for what it exists, how, when and where it was made and of what it was made of. Synthesizing, you know nothing, ignore everything, for you placed yourselves in that situation of total submission to life which is not life, it is only an illusion, a mirage with the appearance of life.
You are submitted to me, the creator and zealous guardian of everything that exists, because it is I that rule everything that there is in the Universe, starting by the water and the Earth, going through animals, vegetal, sun, moon, and stars. I myself operate according to the phase; if the phase is of imperfection and deformation I am that way; if the phase is of Rational recovery, I also become a Rational being, for I receive my orders, assignments and orientations directly from the RATIONAL WORLD.
True life has never being limited and suffered. True life has always been eternal and progressive. Life in the matter does not exist; it is a fallacy, impregnated with lies, distortions and half truths with no validity whatsoever. All that is required to lapidate the living beings, Rational beasts, you from down there, who even in a civilized stage still show rudeness, brutalization, backwardness and fanaticism inherited from your monsters and savages ancestors.
Until recently, more precisely until 1935, life was known through legends, tales and histories, without basis and without verification or proof. You lived encircled by mysteries, phenomena and enigmas and you judged that the life you lived was that one really, dumped as you were there on Earth not knowing by whom and not having anyone to appeal or to hold on.   You lived like animals of Rational origin, for the phase was the Rational animal phase of the second millennium.
You did not know yourselves nor could you know, for the thought is from the ground and when you were born the world was already made. And because thought is artificial, you thought artificially and you knew yourselves artificially, a learning that led you to the mystery of everything and everyone.
As of 1935 the Third Millennium came to Earth and with it the Rational Phase. Thought had developed itself relatively not much in many of you, who would be the primary ones, and quite a lot in a few of you, who would be the erudite ones, allowing these more developed and matured to get to know the history of humanity through a special Literary Work originated in the RATIONAL WORLD and transmitted there on Earth to its representative, Lord Manoel Jacintho Coelho
That Work is bringing the Rational Knowledge that will develop your Reasoning and come to understand what happened in your lives, from the origin in the RATIONAL PLAIN, until the present moment in the world of matter. It is not a small thing, for it was necessary more than one thousand books to embrace all the 21 eternities! The reading of this magnificent Literary Work made possible for some to become aware of the real and fundamental point of life, which is to know one’s why, for then know how to live. The reading with attention and permanence allows the student to develop his Reasoning with natural quickness and to come to know himself and connect himself to the RATIONAL WORLD.
It is there in the RATIONAL PLAIN, that the real life is, and the Book will tell with absolute fidelity and infinity of details events such as how was your descent that originated from a disobedience that you committed when entering a part of the plain that was not ready to  enter into progress. You were called to attention but paid no heed to the calls of our Father the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, and the progress that you judged you were making was really an inverted progress that became regressive, decadent, degrading and polluted. At the end of a long spiraling descent, you lost your original bodies of deformed Rational energy on top of the plain that also deformed into gum and resin. 
The Universe started to be formed from the then pure, clean and perfect energies that the plain and yourselves were losing and polluting yourselves in the route of descent. From the focus of light that formed itself from these lost energies, the sun arose and due to its heat, the resin started to make blisters that became ashes. The gum on its turn melted, forming the water that penetrated under the resin where the ashes were and started to generate beings of infinity of classes. From there came the visible and invisible viruses and microbes, generators of other lives deformed in different classes that started to sprout from the earth as any vegetal.
Then a new stage came when you stopped to be born from the ground by the coming of the water drop that you named semen. One category, the one of animals, divided in two classes: Rationals and irrationals. It was established thus, down there on the ground, the new form of reproduction of the irrational and Rational animals and the development of the animal part, of the thought part ruled by the electric and magnetic energies. Later on, in the Rational Phase, came the development o the upper part; the Reasoning, that is, the Rational Energy developing the Apparatus that will become connected to the RATIONAL WORLD.
With the passing of the eternities different categories went on forming themselves, appearing and disappearing, starting by the monsters, then the savages and later the irrational beasts  and the ones of Rational origin. Never anyone had any recollection of any moment lived in your unaccountable periods of past lives and for that reason, on coming to the more recent phase of the Rational animal, you could not understand nor comprehend the life that you lived nor admit that nothing belonged to you, for you were Nature’s mere playthings by the lapidation that you suffered through the thoughts and imaginations that induced you to think and imagine.
Now nothing is secret, mystery, phenomenon, or enigma anymore, for the Work UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT outpoured the Rational Light in the readers minds, that came to understand what is life in the matter and what is the Rational Body of Energy, the cause of two opposing elements; the Reasoning and the microbe. Reasoning permitting the freeing of the Inhabitant of the  RATIONAL WORLD materialized inside the pineal gland of the human, and his return to the World of Origin; and the microbe, causer of the human being’s existence, that ceases to exist with the absence of the Rational Energy’s Body, as well as of the human being.
Nothing is guaranteed in this polluted world of matter that you inhabit. Nothing really, except for one thing: the Work UNIVERSE IN DISNCHANTMENT and its content; the Rational Teaching. Therefore, I recommend it’s reading and rereading, as I, Nature, do all the time, in order to get to know yours and my own history and as a result get to know ourselves thoroughly. In that process of self-knowledge you will finally attain the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION, becoming Rational Apparatuses, acquiring the Rational Clairvoyance and initiating in the Rational Road your return to the World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD.
Another thing that I can affirm is that I will be with you all the time in that returning trip, but will not be with the ones that continue to disobey our Father, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, and follow on their descending trajectory towards the inferior classes of the irrationals. That task I have already performed in the past and now handed over to the magnetic, this most powerful torturer-lapidator, that will perform this duty for seven additional e-t-e-r-n-i-t-i-e-s.
How is that for suffering!
I am Nature, the generator, creator and maintainer of everything that exists in the Universe of matter, and in charge by the RATIONAL WORLD to instruct, orient and protect those that long and crave for returning to their World of Origin.

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